About Katrien Smets

Katrien graduated as a lawyer but her real interests and creative heart led her down a completely different path. After a few years of soul-searching in Paris and LA, she came back to Belgium when she was offered a job as an editor for television.


After that, she also started working as a freelance presenter and it was during the many interviews that her interest in social and sustainable business was sparked. Fashion is something she has been interested in since childhood, and she loved going to the scouts in her latest trousers.


During a professional sidestep as press officer at a fashion agency, she discovered her love for writing. One sleepless night at full moon, she felt it was time to bring her passions and experiences together and started her own sustainable fashion label. No sooner said than done. Katrien loves sharp pencils, fluffy blankets, black tea with organic honey and the Portuguese rocks.

 My motto: 

 Follow your heart, find your art.