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10 steps to make less waste

10 steps to make less waste

Are you tired of all the waste you are collecting and want to think more about our environment? Then it's time to make less waste! Here are 10 easy steps to get you started on waste reduction. 
Step 1 : use the old fashioned handkerchiefs instead of tissues. 
Step 2 : go to stores where they use refill bottles. You can refill juices, soap,..
Step 3 : use metal or glass food storage boxes instead of plastic. 
Step 4 : switch to tap water in refillable glass bottles. Tap water a too big step for you? then choose to buy water in glass bottles instead of plastic.
Step 5 : do not always buy a new bag to put your groceries in, always bring one with. The hardest part here is remembering to bring them with you.
Step 6 : avoid prepackaged goods or plastic bags to put your fruit or vegetables in. you can also go to a local farmer then you are obligated to bring a bag from your own. 
step 7 : use a brush instead of a sponge. Sponges are a magnet for bacteria and you can not use them as long as a brush. Brushes are also recyclable.
Step 8 : use a toothbrush made of bamboo, they are compostabe.
Step 9 : think before you act, buy less and buy consiously.
Step 10 : Probably the most important step, composting. 
Take one step at the time and you'll see.. 
Every little step counts! 
With love, 
Katrien Smets


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