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"Alsjehaarmaargoedzit"ayurverdic shampoo



Have you ever wondered why we started using shampoo? Somewhere along the way, we became addicted to all that foam, while in reality, the detergents in shampoo can damage our hair. Shampoo can potentially cause hormonal imbalances, premature graying, and even hair loss. Our hair represents elegance and beauty, and we've forgotten that it has a natural balance that we need to protect. This blend of ancient herbs has been used in Ayurveda for centuries and will restore this balance.

Natural Alternative Shampoo

THE ORIGINAL MIX is a potent natural cleanser that helps reduce the frequency of hair getting oily quickly. This blend also adds more volume to fine hair, making it ideal for extending the time between washes!


  1. REETHA, also known as soapnut, is a natural cleanser suitable for skin and even laundry.
  2. BHRINGRAJ, literally translated as THE KING OF HAIR.
  3. AMLA or Indian gooseberry is a vitamin C powerhouse, with cleansing properties that make your hair soft and smooth.
  4. BRAHMI strengthens your hair and promotes hair growth.

HOW TO USE: Do not mix the If Your Hair is Happy blend with shampoo; let your hair go on a well-deserved detox holiday. You'll notice the results after 2 weeks, with increased volume and a change in hair structure.

Mix the powder with lukewarm to warm water or rose water until you have a smooth paste and apply to wet hair.

  • 2/3 spoons for short hair
  • 3/4 spoons for medium-length hair
  • 4/5 spoons for long hair

Leave on for 5 to 30 minutes (the longer, the better for your hair and scalp) and rinse thoroughly. Use 2 to 3 times per week, gradually reducing to once a week

"Alsjehaarmaargoedzit"ayurverdic shampoo



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