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Tap water yesssss!

Tap water yesssss!

We Belgians tend to drink more bottled water while tap water costs less, doesn’t require environmentally damaging packaging and is one of the most controlled drinks. Contrary to what is often thought, tap water is not unhealthier than bottled water. It meets all bacteriological requirements and is thoroughly disinfected.
Tap water can easily be labeled as a healthy beverage. It contains numerous healthy minerals such as calcium, a nutrient that supports the firmness of the bone frame. Due to the low sodium content, the water is also suitable for people who need to have a low-fat diet or are suffering from cardiovascular problems.
To kill bacteria, chlorine is added to tap water. Because this product is added in low concentrations, it sometimes causes anxiety and fuels conspiracy theories. Totally  unjustified because the amount of chlorine is far below the harmful maximum standard.
At Katrien Smets we are working together with PETFREE (, an organisation that ensures offices use tap water to reduce PET-waste. Being a sustainable brand we can only encourage this initiative. We hope you guys do the same at home and at the office.
Conclusion: Reuse your glass bottles fill them up with tap water, save money and contribute to a PET-free environment.
With Love,
Katrien Smets


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