Hi P.N.Q. family,


We’ve got great news! August and September are going to be pretty exciting months. You’ll get a chance to buy our new collection pre-sale through a crowdfunding project and this way you’ll bring Pas N’Importe Quoi one step closer to realising its dream.


Why crowdfunding?

Pas N’Importe Quoi constantly wants to innovate and inspire. By 2017 we want to launch a recycling project and we want to place P.N.Q. on the map internationally. The recycling project will mean that you can bring your old P.N.Q. items back and we’ll process them into new unique lifestyle products.


How will this crowdfunding project unfold?

It’s pretty easy. The only thing you guys have to do, is keep an eye on the website, our Facebook page and our Instagram page around the end of August. There you’ll find the link to the crowdfunding platform and our new collection.


With love,

Katrien Smets