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P.N.Q. sustainable tips to Green up Your Glam

P.N.Q. sustainable tips to Green up Your Glam



Dear P.N.Q family,


You guys know how serious we are about organic fashion and how hard we go to produce as sustainably as possible. Doing just that isn’t very easy, especially for a small business. However, we believe that sustainable fashion is going to be the new normal, and so we stand by our cause. But what exactly, are the benefits to organic fashion? How does the production of organic fabrics like organic cotton, linnen, silk or tensel help the environment?


First off, organic fabrics are a basic requirement for sustainable fashion. Simply because it starts to change bad habits at the root of the problem. For example, organic cotton is the result of organic farming. That entails a number of things. First off, the cotton comes from genetically non modified plants and is grown without chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides. The results are really quite straightforward: the biodiversity on the cotton plantation grows and the crops are healthy and natural as can be.


I can hear you thinking: organic fabrics, fine. But to make fashion a sustainable business, we need a massive overhaul! What about the labor circumstances? What about the overproduction in fashion? Of course using organic fabrics is not nearly enough to make fashion sustainable. And yet, it is one of the basic requirements. If your t-shirt or sweater says 100 % organic cotton, silk or linnen, you are surely on the right track. A producer that chooses to work with organic fabrics, is far more likely to grow more and more sustainable over time. As a consumer, there is not much you can do to directly combat the overproduction in fashion. What you can do is to make a statement and choose outside the norm. If we all do this, the market will change! Research brands, shops and products that add value to your wardrobe and will last a long time.


A quick tip to find out whether you are doing the right thing when shopping? Labels are great indicators of the sustainable quality of your clothing. Look beyond the fabric label! When shopping in stores or online, be sure to look for other lables like the more commonly known ‘Fairtrade‘, or the newer  ’GOTS‘. The first gives a guarantee that the products were made by laborers in optimal circumstances. The latter tells you that not only the fabrics are organic, but that the company producing them, is running their business in an all-round organic and sustainable fashion.



As you may know, our sweaters and t-shirts are all 100% organic cotton and tensel and carry the GOTS label. We also work together with the organisation ‘NATUURPUNT’, that helps us buy 1 square metre of nature around big cities in Belgium for every P.N.Q. item sold. View our collection at!

Start out fresh and guiltfree with a wardrobe filled with items by yours truly.


With love,



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