My story

Katrien Smets is a Belgian designer. She Always loved to be the odd one out and to express her individuality. After she finished law school, she started chasing her dreams and went to Paris to start working for TV. Ever since, she has been working as a presenter and an editor on TV-shows.

Katrien always had a passion towards fashion and so she started working at a fashion press agency. She never expected to create her own label, but the love for great design and the lack of eco-friendly options in her retail space, led her to build 'Katrien Smets'. She created the brand for people to be stylish while feeling good about the clothes they are wearing and she hasn’t looked back.

Her designs combine both style and value to create something beautiful, timeless and long-lasting. As she would describe it, fair trade made sexy. Eco-consciousness has always been an important part of her philosophy. In her daily life she tries to be as ecological and sustainable as possible. Her commitment does not rely solely on her designs, she is constantly striving to better her own green practices. From her everyday office environment to her shipping practices, Katrien is making every effort to run her business with minimal impact to the environment.
She is building a company that proves there is a better way and makes clothes what they should be: clothes that fit, clothes that feel great, pieces that inspire.