Who cares?
A lot of people do... and the result is some very inspiring brands and projects.
I wanna share with you the work of some intresting people who live and create with a strong believe in fairtrade, sustainability and respect for mother nature.
From fashion to yoga… get inspired…

Maggy went to Costa Rica to live with her family and be closer to nature. Madre Tierra is the results of her organic way of life. Madre Tierra offers custom made residential retreats for deep physical and spiritual healing. Costa Rica is a little place on earth were you can find your inner peace. Yoga, meditation, energy healing and healthy foodworkshops are a few examples of what you can do at a retreat. Renew your energy and visit Madre Tierra.



Eva Daeleman is aware that a busy lifestyle is not always a healthy way of life. Sometimes you need some rest and relaxation, so she started ‘Studio stil’. The concept of ‘Studio stil’ consists of a course in relaxation through Yin yoga. This kind of yoga is slower than other yoga forms and contains a meditation part in the yoga itself.



Qnoop is a contemporary sustainable sock wear label based in Amsterdam. Their socks are
not only fashionable, but also innovative and organic. Qnoop makes all their designs with a bio button and a custom-made button loop. The gift bag is always made of recycled cardboard. The only pair that stays a couple.


Playpauze is the website of the Belgian yogini, painter and actress Hilde De Baerdemaeker. The site is called 'Plazypauze' because of her 3 passions. Play reffers to her acting and being playful. Pauze reffers to the things she loves to do to have a break from the everyday life. Those 2 things are painting and yoga. If you are interested you can even buy one of her paintings or follow one of her yoga classes!   



SOS kinderdorpen has been working for over 65 years to deliver vulnerable children a home an education and a future. In other words: a new start in life. I myself have been a godmother for Naomi from Congo since 7 years. For a small monthly contribution is Naomi able to have a roof over her head, go to school with her friends and eat.



Greenpeace is an independent organisation that uses nonviolent, creative confrontation to address global environmental issues, and seeks solutions that enable a green and peaceful future. Here at Katrien Smets we contribute monthly to this beautiful cause, join us!