Tatyana Beloy LOVING our short sleeve pink copain copine sweater!

Hi guys,

What a hectic couple of weeks we  have had!

Last week the pop-up shop in Ghent ended it’s very succesful run, thanks to our P.N.Q. Family! This week we are back in Antwerp, looking for more stores to sell our sweaters and catching up with other local creatives.

A couple of days ago, Tatyana Beloy came over to check out our new collection and talk about het new project, that brings travelers and locals all over the world together : tatytravels. It was love at first sight for Tayana  when she saw our short sleeve copain/copine sweater, so she put it right on.

If you guys are loving the sweater, go and order on our store asap, because the sweaters are almost sold out online! For those of you who still prefer to go to the store, find a store close to you. Put on you new attire and jump on a plane and connect with one of the locals on Tayana’s Page!

More info and shop updates coming soon!

With Love,